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Our Macbook articles

  • Refurbished macbook pro

    How to choose a Macbook pro ?

    Ah! So you want a portable computer, and have settled on the gold standard of laptops, Apple's cherished MacBook Pro collection. Great choice! Pretty back-lit keyboards.. a smooth multi-touch track pad, and an overall enjoyable user experience. What's even better? Apple has abandoned those flimsy Butterfly keyboards (a carpal nightmare, weren't they?) and replaced them with the super intuitive Magic Touch Keyboards.

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  • Refurbished macBook Air

    How to choose your Macbook Air ?

    Deciding what MacBook to get is never easy with the frequent new releases and new technology. And most people do not know what to look when getting one. To pick the right Mac, you need to consider the purpose of the device. If the Mac is for sending emails, skyping, or using Instagram, you do not need an expensive laptop. While people looking for a gaming laptop will go for Macs with higher processor speeds. There are various factors to consider when getting a Mac; the cost, the laptop’s processor, memory just to mention a few.

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